Mounting Your Needlework into a Paperweight

by Jan Kerton

  1. Once your embroidery is finished, remove from the hoop.
  2. Find the cardboard insert and the cork backing.  If the cardboard insert has foam attached – pull the foam away.
  3. Check the cardboard insert size against your embroidery to make sure it will fit.  Find the corresponding template on the template sheet and cut out the design area and pin into position over the embroidery.  In the case of the oval paperweight the embroidery should fit the cut-out area and the insert size will be larger.
  4. Use a disappearing pen to mark the outside edge of the template.
  5. I find it best to reduce the bulk of fabric to be gathered around the cardboard base. To do this, hold the embroidery up against a window and trace the marked outline though to the backing fabric. Trim away the backing fabric to this line.
  6. Thread up with heavy weight Nymo thread or dental floss and stitch ½ cm or ¼" outside the marked circle.

  7.  Cut 1cm or 3/8" from the gathering stitches. Make sure not to cut the gathering thread.
  8. Place the embroidered piece face down on a towel pad and lay the insert on top. The cardboard insert has an adhesive side but I don’t use this - leave the paper-covering sheet in place.
  9. Push down firmly in the middle of the insert with 2 fingers (or you might want to ask someone to help you) and pull firmly on the gathering thread to gather the embroidery around the insert.
  10. Sometimes a second gathering row either inside or outside the first row can give a tighter lacing to the embroidery.
  11. Peel the paper away from the adhesive back on the cork and place the embroidery into the centre of the cork - pressing firmly - then place the paperweight on top and press firmly again.

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