Mounting Your Needlework into a Box

by Jan Kerton


1. The box contains: 

  • A piece of core board which has a
    thick foam core
  • A piece of black cardboard. 

2. Remove these pieces from the box by bending the black pins up.

3. Lay the core board piece onto a piece of paper and trace around the outside edge. 

4. Carefully cut out the ‘window’ shape.

5. Place the ‘window’ carefully onto the pressed embroidery and centre it carefully.


6. Pin or hold in position while you draw around the ‘window’ with a disappearing or water-soluble pen. 


7. Measure from the marked line 1" or 2.5cm (on bigger pieces you may wish to allow more) and trim so edges are even. 


8. Place the core board back into the box and trace the shape of the opening onto the board with a water-soluble pen.


9. Repeat with a piece of foam approximately ½ cm or ¼" thick. This step is optional.

10. Glue the foam onto the core board inside the marked area. 

11. Mark the back of the core board into quarters using
a ruler and water-soluble pen. 

12. Mark the midpoints of the trimmed, embroidered piece and then place the core board underneath with the foam side facing up.


13. Match the marked midpoints with the quarter marks on the back of the core board. 

14. Push a pin into the core board at each quarter mark.  Make sure that the fabric is stretched and the pins are pushed totally into the core board. 


15. Before pinning any further, lace the piece into the box to check that it is positioned correctly and adjust if necessary. 

16. Now place pins into the core board at 1cm or 3/8" intervals along all 4 sides.  Use the ‘window’ marking lines as a guide to correct positioning.



17. Thread up with a long strand of the heavy weight Nymo thread or you can use dental floss instead. 

18. Anchor the thread at the mid-point of the fabric and at the mid-point of the thread.

19. Lace the first half from the mid-point.  Leave the second half of the thread to work the other side.


20. Lace the other half. 


21. Lace the other 2 edges.

22. Place into the lid of the box.

23. Place the lining card into the box and bend down the black pins.

24. Your box is finished  

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