Mounting Your Needlework onto a Bowl

by Jan Kerton

1. Press the embroidery carefully from the wrong side. I like to do this on a deep pad of soft towel covered with an old pillowcase. 
2. Find the bowl lid and separate it into its component parts:

  • Metal lid ring
  • Locking plate
  • Flock lid lining
  • Foam
  • Perspex circle
  • Cardboard circle


3. Place the metal ring centrally on the embroidery and trace around the outside of the ring with a disappearing or water-soluble pen. 



4. Thread up with heavy weight Nimmo thread or dental floss and stitch ½ cm or ¼" outside the marked circle.  (You may need to increase this distance if you use heavier foam). 


5. Cut 1cm or 3/8" from the gathering stitches. Make sure not to cut the gathering thread.


6. Lay the foam down and then the cardboard and then the Perspex. (You may use the foam provided or cut a new thicker piece.)

7. Place the embroidered piece face down on a towel pad. Lay the foam, card and perspex on top. 


8. Push down firmly in the middle of the circle with 2 fingers (or you might want to ask someone to help you) and pull firmly on the gathering thread to gather the embroidery around the card/perspex.


9. Sometimes a second gathering row either inside or outside the first row can give a tighter lacing to the embroidery.


10. Place the embroidery piece in the ring and the locking plate on top.


11. Push the locking plate firmly into position.


12. Glue in the flock lining.

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