Using Transfers

by Jan Kerton

The detached elements are worked on the fused organza.  Initially I required students to trace the designs (flowers, leaves and butterflies)  onto the fused organza with a ‘Micron’ pen.  This technique worked well and can still be used.  However, I have noticed over the years that students don’t like tracing and often don’t do a very good job – particularly with the fine detail of the butterflies.

They complained so much that I was forced to look for a better alternative – hence the transfer sheets! 

All the kits with detached elements now include the transfer sheets.  You can also buy extra sheets with flowers, leaves and butterflies (link)

And this is how to use them:

  • Place the fused/overlocked organza onto a piece of baking paper
  • Trace the hoop size in to the centre of the organza to help position the transfers.  You can cut them out individually to help with placement.  They don’t need to be too far apart.
  • Place the transfer face down on the silk
  • Place another piece of baking paper on top
  • Press the transfer sheet with the iron set on ‘silk’ setting
  • Peel the paper away.  If the paper does not peel away easily, keep pressing and checking until it does.
  • Re-heat the transfer if it doesn’t peel away cleanly.
  • Do not let the transfer cool before peeling the paper away (re-heat if this happens)
  • The paper should pull away easily and with very little residue on the surface of the silk.
  • Place the organza into a hoop ready for working.

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