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Tiny Berry Garland

Tiny Berry Garland

Use simple embroidery stitches along with bead wrapping and stacked beads to create this very quick and simple stumpwork piece. An easy, fun project using running stitch, whipping, french knots, buttonhole stitch, french knots, wrapping beads, stacked beading, drizzle stitch and lazy daisy. Does not include bee trinket.

This project is worked on soft gold silk dupion background.

Full Kit Contents:

  • Large colour image
  • Full instructions with diagram and scans
  • Prepared design, overlocked and ready to stitch
  • Needles with identification chart
  • Labelled bags with threads and beads 

Kit does not include bee trinket.

Design Size: 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm (2” x 2”)

Can be mounted in:
Pincushion, small satin box, dome paperweight, jar lid

Recommended Retail: AU$20.00
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