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The Royal School

 I was in a huff for a few days thinking that nobody loved me - no comments on the blog! I kept checking and thinking that I wouldn’t tell about the RSN until I got some comments! Then I realised that I hadn’t ticked the box to allow them.  Since then I haven’t had Internet […]

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The Gates of Savannah

I found a delightful little book of watercolour paintings of ‘Gates of Savannah’ by Merana Cadorette.  So Doug and I set out on a mission to photograph some of these delightful gates.  Some were old gates and some were modern. The first picture is of an old garden gate. This is typical of many of […]

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Walking in Savannah

I have been sorting through all of the beautiful Savannah photos and trying to decide which ones I should show you! I am facinated by the wonderful iron lace on all of the od buildings and can see the possibility of incorporating some of the designs into my embroidery.  I would also love to use […]

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