Design Your Own Stumpwork

At Koala Conventions in Brisbane I bravely ran a ‘Design Your Own Stumpwork Class’.  I have to admit to some sleepless nights before the convention wondering how I would time the class so that no-one was sitting around waiting.  We had 7 in the class (a perfect number) and had 4 days to stitch and we all had a wonderful time!  What a joy!  I had discussed with each student what they would like to achieve and I am very proud of our progress.

Claire wanted to work a 3-dimensional humming bird feeding on a Calliandra.  We worked the Calliandra in frayed organza ribbon and she also worked the hummingbird body and had started the wings.  Hopefully she will send me a photo to show you when the project is finished.



Miriam wanted to work a Fringe Lily.  I have to say that this added to my sleepless nights but I think we achieved the desired results.  I am sorry that I didn’t photograph the Lily so you could see the scale.  It was close to life size so each petal was about 1.5-2cm long.  The fringe edge was quite challenging to achieve but I can see lots of use for the technique!


Kerryn from ‘All Threads’ worked an auricula.  I have been dying to work auriculas and have killed several trying to find time to stitch them.  We started with scans of the flower petals and work a life size flower and then simplified the design to make them easier and faster the work.



The students were heard to comment on how long this ‘design process’ takes - welcome to my world!!

I will show you some more student work next blog.

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  1. Rachel on August 12th, 2010

    I think I usually reckon that the design takes as long as the embroidery - if not longer, sometimes!

  2. Shelly Schmidt on August 15th, 2010

    I am so glad you are blogging Jan- it has been a few years since I took classes from you- maybe since you came to our guild in Naperville, Ill….Yikes! I have not gone to SAGA since California either….. I LOVE the hummingbird- gorgeous projects. I will have to look into sewing on the beach…….!

  3. Rosemary McFarlane on September 6th, 2010

    Thank goodness I have retired! I am in awe of the work of Claire, Miriam and Kerryn. Fabulous work girls - I can appreciate every stitch!